Roonedog's BBQ

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Shawn Riley’s knack for grilling began gaining popularity at his boy’s weekends at NASCAR. With the assistance of his wife, Kristen, occasional cooking duties quickly turned into smoking their neighbor’s thanksgiving turkeys, catering at their kid’s school events, and sending out the occasional signup genius to friends and family. Kristen’s upbringing in El Paso Texas influenced the direction and style of their growing company’s menu. Ronnedog’s Barbeque diversified their dishes by adding an El Paso-inspired twist which included street tacos, tamales, and sides. During the pandemic, Ronnedogs BBQ struggled as the catering industry was non existent. Shawn and Kristen had to reimagine their company’s game plan to accommodate for the unprecedented times. Some colleagues of Shawn’s in New York asked to try his food via mail during the pandemic which is something he had never considered before. Shawn and Kristen began formulating the perfect process to take the company to the next level. The Riley’s developed a system that allows their food to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. while maintaining its flavor as if it came right off the pit. While the menu is primarily focused on meat products it is extremely easy to just pop the bags into boiling water and you have wonderful food in 11-14 minutes. We hope you will enjoy.

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